Colchem Classic pre dosed integral colour additive

Colchem Classic Integral Colour addition offers a non-fading, UV resistant colour pallet for architectural decorative concrete.

Pre-dosed and packaged in water soluble units for ultimate quality control the concept provides a consistent and durable enhancement for concrete.

Extremely cost effective where additional costs from as little as £2.50 per are possible, Colchem Classic colour addition is an affordable design option for any project.

COLCHEM Classic Landscape Colours

Available in 8 earth tone and two vibrant colours with the capability to produce custom blends when economic volumes allow, COLCHEM Classic is a viable, controllable option where consistent, UV resistant, non-fading colour introduction is sought.

The material is packaged in water soluble packaging for clean, non-hazardous handling when dosing into mixers. Used extensively in ready mixed concrete applications the system works equally well for fixed precast concrete mixing equipment of quarter cubic metre capacities upwards.

Applications have included attractive hard standings, both as a coloured pavement or as a tint below exposed aggregate finishes, burnished interior floors, precast landscape furniture, external cladding and as a softening effect for intrusive structures such as retaining walls, bridges and culverts.

The colour conditioned surface can be enhanced with a range of finishes, including micro etching and mini exposure of the aggregate or textured with form liners and embossing skins.

COLCHEM Classic offers a cost effective opportunity to use the inherent strength and durability of concrete as a desirable architectural finish.

Decorative Concrete Stains

There are two principal options of decorative staining onto new and existing concrete. These are:

SIENNA earth tone stains, which react with free lime in the concrete to create a permanent, variegated, natural stone like effect to the surface. They are available in a range of 8 shades from lighter sandstones to deep charcoal and some litchen like greens. The final result is unique to each situation.

Typical material cost will range from £1.30 to £2.60 per sq. mtr depending on porosity of concrete and number of coats applied. ( Excluding cost of protective coating).

SORRENTO penetrating stains are designed to penetrate into the concrete surface. They are available in a much wider colour selection of colours, including vibrant shades where contrast and impact is sought. Amongst these are colours which are traditionally difficult or very expensive to achieve in concrete, such as bright reds, blues and greens. Sorrento Stains also offer the only true black and white shades on concrete, so are often the answer where a contemporary finish is desirable. Appearance can be varied from semi translucent to solid colour, and typical material cost will range from £2.25 to £4.80 per sq. mtr depending on the intensity of colour finish sought. (Excluding cost of protective coating).

Surface Protection and Maintenance

As with all architectural concrete finishes, concrete surface protection and maintenance is a key element for long term durability of appearance and performance.

The COLCHEM range of concrete surface protective coatings offer a solution for most applications. Technical advice, guidance and recommendations are available on request.
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The Colchem product range is designed to provide technically proficient solutions for concrete manufacture and construction.

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