Surface Retarders for Exposed Aggregate Concrete

We are the UK Distributors for Hebau surface deactivators, which are at the core of our exposed aggregate product offering.

The technically superior Hebau range of protective coatings are all non-solvent , water based formulations with minimal adverse environmental effect.

This association has been in place for more than 15 years, during which time our mutual experience has accumulated an unrivalled level of expertise and product development
for the benefit of our customers.


Exposed aggregate enhances the decorative options for concrete, bringing attractive colour combinations, strength, durability and slip resistant characteristics to the finished surface.

The long established and well proven Hebau material technology offers complete control of exposure and consistency of finish.

For the Pre-Caster:

CSE NOVA a non-solvent, self-neutralising surface de-activator in eleven controlled exposure depths.

MicroGEL FORTE etching gel for very fine slip resistant texture.

CSE NOVA grade 005 and MicroGEL FORTE are used both separately or in combination for the production of very fine exposure of small fraction aggregates in a face mix.

ARCON Fluid Plus is an admixture specially developed for the production of exposed aggregate, which improves workability and through restricting segregation of the aggregate within the mix, helps ensure even distribution of aggregate to be exposed.

For the Contractor:

CSE Multitop – a premium top surface retarder, used primarily in the construction of in-situ exposed aggregate pavement. CSE Multitop has the added advantage of providing rain protection within an hour of application.

Available in 10 pre-determined self-neutralising exposure depths, CSE Multitop is non-solvent based product with no hazardous residue.

CSE MicroETCH – Using CSE Micro Retarder 01 and MicroGEL etching gels individually or in combination for the provision of micro-­‐etched slip resistant finishes for external hard standing.

CSE PRO – is a solvent based surface de-activator for use on mould and shutters, particularly on in-situ pours, where the added adhesion is beneficial on vertical forms. CSE PRO is available in all the exposure depths indicated above and inclusion of ARCON Fluid in the mix design is recommended for optimum consistency at the surface.

NOTE: As a solvent based formulation CSE PRO is not stocked in the UK, but is available to order.

Whispercast Concrete Pavement is our proprietary system for using the full range of the Hebau product group in combination with coloured matrix and decorative aggregate selection. See data sheets in the Document library or speak to us about the options available.

Surface Protection:

We recommend all exposed aggregate surfaces should be protected with an application of a penetrating dirt and stain resistant sealer. The Hebau Colorfresh Intensiv, Colorfresh Effect and Colortec Max products are specially formulated for this purpose and should form part of any good exposed aggregate specification. Find out more about surface protection.

The Colchem product range is designed to provide technically proficient solutions for concrete manufacture and construction.

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